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-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner Empty -INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner

Post  cmonzanja on Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:34 am

-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner Invictus3

All good online MTT players knows that to success In this tournaments they need to “change gears” or ”switch styles” and of course, they know that all tournaments are different depending on buy in fees and number of players. Is not the same to play a 0.20$ Satellite with 3500 players than a 24$ with 800 players.

As a human this is easy to understand but for the bot it´s a little more complicated. (But not impossible now)

When I start boting last year I played with a tight profile and at the beginning everything works fine but then I suddenly start to have bad results and my good hands stopped paying big like in the past.

So then I moved to a loose profile and again, at the beginning everything was really good for me but in a short period of time my bad results returned, and I´m not talking about variance, people start to call all my raises or bluffs because they knew that the bot was playing loose or when I had a big stack the bot keeps playing the same way and sometimes it was knocked out really close of the big money.

We all know that “human” players use tracking software and if we can´t change our style of play we are dead. Poker Edge don´t help too.

Since I joined this community I saw people asking Egor to add hud recognition to the bot and that way we can make a specific code to play better against different style of players but, what about our image?

In order to make a good profit of MTT´s we need to build a good solid image, that way is more difficult for our rivals to play against us.

So I decided to make a profile with the ability of change styles but that was just half of the problem, the other half was, how can I make this profile play well in all different tourneys?

How can I make this code to recognize inflection points? (Such as, half the field gone, near the money, in the money, near big money, final table, when to push, when to wait…)

I started to study different tournaments and with average results now I can configure Invictus to know when to change style and very important why to change style.

You are going to have a specific profile for all this different tourneys.

The Package have profiles that can play at low, mid or high bui in tournaments.

Pack have 15 profiles:

1- Invictus large field for single stack tournaments. (Up to $26 buy-in tournaments, Site A, Site B, Site C, Site D, Site E and Site Z).
2- Invictus large filed for double stack tournaments. (Up to $26 buy-in tournaments, Site A, Site B, Site C, Site D, Site E and Site Z).
3- Invictus Donkey Aggressive for Freerolls, low buy in and rebuy tournaments.(Up to $26 buy-in tournaments, Site A, Site B, Site C, Site D, Site E and Site Z).
4- Invictus 27 men SNG, single stack (Site Z, compatible with all other sites).
5- Invictus 45 men SNG, single stack (Site Z, compatible with all other sites).
6- Invictus 90 men SNG, double stack (Site Z, compatible with all other sites).
7- Invictus 180 men SNG, single stack (Site Z, compatible with all other sites).
8- Invictus 90 men SNG TKO, double stack (Site Z, compatible with all other sites).
9- Invictus $2.20 mid field, double stack (Site Z).
10- Invictus $2.20 big field, double stack (Site Z).
11- Invictus $5.50 mid field, double stack (Site Z).
12- Invictus 50 FT points tournament , single stack (Site Z).
13- Invictus DD, double stack (Site Z).
14- Invictus DDR, single stack (Site Z).
15- Invictus Kill Rush (Site Z).

I´m going to add profiles for more tournaments with different buy in to this pack and I´m going to make polls and that way you can choose what is going to be the next tournament to configure Invictus. (Updates and upgrades for the pack are free for costumers)

The files are in .ppl format with ID license but I added guides files that tell you at all time how is the bot playing at every moment.

This is a partial example of 2 guides that show how Invictus can play two different tournaments:

-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner DDnuevo
-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner DDR

Look how different "dynamics" these two tournaments have. Well, the bot now is going to know at all time in what moment of the tournament is and how to play the best for that particular moment.

The price of the Pack is 250 U$S. (Updates and upgrades are free for customers)

[size=150]If you want to use Paypal just click on "Buy now".[/size]

-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner Buynow

[size=150]You can pay via MoneyBookers if you want by sending $250 to invictusbot@gmail.com .[/size]

Once you made the payment you have to send me an e-mail to invictusbot@gmail.com with the transaction ID, your bot ID and your nickname from the forum.

If you have any question send me an e-mail to that same address.


I made what I call a certificated graph. What is this?

Well I let one mod (zulu) to look at my stats at http://www.sharkscope.com and then I spoke with him via full tilt to let him know that I´m using that account.

Now you are 100% sure that this stats are for real.

I begin to use this account in the first days of March. This actually is a friend account (a very bad poker player as you can notice from the first part of the SC graph), and just days before I release Invictus I told him to let me use his $5 and some FTP that he have left in this account and I promise him that I will return his account when I reach $200.

I made some mistakes in this journey like playing tournaments that my BR can´t afford and that´s way you can see some big losses from time to time.

With or without mistakes that sharkscope graph is a winner no doubt about that.

What you have below the sharkscope graph is my HEM graph with Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet results discriminated to only the $1.10 max buy in tournaments, with more than 1200 tournaments played. This is a big sample where you can see what you can spec by playing MTT´s with an excelent aproach to the game. 30, 100 or even 500 games is not enough to see if a MTT profile is a winner.

I made this for two reasons:

1) To let people be more safe about of this profile package investment.
2) To show how important is BR management. (Because of my mistakes I lost more than $100)

I only play turbo tournaments when I need to satellites to a big one but never play turbo tournaments to grind because you can have really big swings and hate when this happened to me, it´s something personal (so why the $3.30 TKO profiles?), but like a lot of my customers know about this is and they vote to have profiles for this tournaments is why I made those profiles.

There are a lot of people playing with Invictus in big buy in tournaments with great results, of course the reason I made this is not for those persons, this is to let my low BR customers or future low BR customers to know that you can win big money but first you have to build your BR without losing money.

-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner Shark

-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner Grafico

-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner Meses

[size=150]Daily Dollar certificated win 100% unassited[/size]

We all know how though is to reach a final table and how hard is to win this tournament.

I´m proud to announce one of my customers won the Daily Dollar 100% unassisted with Invictus.

Some days ago one customer contacts me with a funny mail subject: “Cmon I love you”. And in that e-mail he told me that he won the DD totally unassisted using Invictus. I ask him for permission to certificate this result and he agrees.

After his approbation I sent Chevy:

1) Complete hand history.
2) Complete botlog.
3) Customer nickname and e-mail.

Chevy was very professional and made a full check of the HH and botlogs and then he contact my customer via Full Tilt chat.

Well, I think that this result is a victory of all shanky´s community and is fair enough to distinguish all the work behind shanky bot (Egor and MS) and the whole community: moderators, coders, testers, programmers, etc.

I´m not sure if any one won this tournament 100% unassisted but I´m sure this is the first time this result was certificated with complete evidence.

My wish is that this example will contribute to make stronger this community and understand that if we work together, with a healthy competition, we can make big things here.

Again I want to thank to all of people who contribute to accomplish this result and especially to my customer who prefer to stays anonymous.

Here you have the graphic from http://www.sharkscope.com totally edited to maintain my customer anonymous.

[size=150]Customers feedback that you can find in this thread, in some cases more than 1 message from them [/size]

I have to say I like the profiles and the way it adapts itself to the various
stages of the tourney.

#1 It is kind of scary to watch some of it moves but it plays for the final table.
#2 Top 50 in DD ran into aces with AK when flop hit king high
#3 well I can verify that a bot can make a final table in a large buy in tourney good work cmon.
#4 Don’t want to give specifics on dollar amount but let just say if I was in the Olympics I would have been on the podium.
#5 Won 3 of 4 satellites for event 5 hopefully we run deep! Already have a double up!

This is a great profile that plays the final table very well and heads up absolutely amazing.

#1 bought it today and I must say I'm fascinated. Played 3 sngs and got 2 times into the money with one FT. I know that's not a real sample size but it's a good start.
#2 Watched a few plays of version 2.0. I have to say it plays with cojones. I like that.
#3 darn 1 game and again at the final table. ATM I'm really hot and watching invictus play gives me a permanent erection. (Edit by cmon, I´m sorry but this message is my favorite ;D)

#1 I absolutely love the way it plays. Although I have so far only seen a couple of tournaments, the great variety with which it plays totally puts the opponent off guard.
Also, the first 2 $1 SNG's I entered it finished 3rd and 4th, respectively. Obviously this says nothing, but just wants to share that I at least have had a great start using the product!!
#2 His profiles are great! The package deal is just fine. Keep it up cmon!
#3 You're doing a great job cmon! Really happy with my purchase, although I haven't been able to earn it back just yet I am confident I will, with all those great profiles you're adding for us.
The $250 is becoming a real steal at the moment really...
#4 Profile $1 90 man SNG has been running fantastic for me so far. It's earned $150+ for me atm

#1 I just saw hyper loose my heart was about to jump out my chest how do i make it stop?
#2 played a 400+field mtt came in 13! i have only run this on 2 mtt's so far
#3 GOT ANOTHER TOP 15 FINISH cmon so far I’m impressed the hyper loose though i can’t even watch that its freaking insane i get called all kinds of names I’m not the only one that hates it lol but it takes down some pots so.....
#4 Im playing lgfld mtt's at a little bit higher level not much cus im trying to see how it does and wk it up but the hyper loose gear scares the heck out of me but it pulls some amazing pots i can’t lie i just can’t watch it ITS CRAZYYYYY .


Just wanted to thank cmon again since he constantly tries to make the profile better. He uses the money he got from the buyers to buy simulators, templates etc. (who are not the cheapest thing as well) to find leaks and cover all situations.

#1 cmon all I can say is hats off.. You did an amazing job!
#2 Hi cmon;
I heard that one of your buyers just cashed 3000+ finishing second in a $24 tourney are you aware of this?
This is getting more and more interesting everyday!
#3 Reporting here that I had another Top 10 finish in a 2000 ++ players tourney this past week.

#1 All I have to say is, you did an amazing job on this bot.
I am impressed; it has gotten me into top 2 tables the last 4 out of the 7 tourneys I played so far.
#2 Respect to CMON for creating these profiles. Took $2.00 180 SNG Full Tilt tourney 3rd place.
#3 Invictus won last night 3rd place $ 3.30 buy in 3000 ppl tourney.

I made the final table on a $13 MTT with like 80 players using Invictus. I seem to remember I busted 7th for like 5x the buy in.

Hi guys, I own a copy of invictus which is the best set of profiles I’ve ever had well done cmon.

Ty for all of your update, i m very appreciate.

#1 I have had outstanding success, with an ROI around 220%, about $60 in net profit. I play all of the profiles, and all of them seem to play solid. Keep up the great work Cmon!
#2 I had a top-20 finish in the daily dollar this week. Keep up the great work Cmon!

I am not going to provide EXACT details for obvious reasons but I will say that the results have now been MORE THAN AMAZING. I have played various Full Tilt tournaments from SNG to large field tournaments (up to about 1700 players) I have had incredible numbers of ITM finishes and am now way up in my winnings versus entry fees. (Again I am not going to give specific numbers but believe me that are GREAT!!!

I can’t say enough about this Profile system. The author knows his stuff and is more than willing to take time with customers to make certain the customer is happy.

Viva Invictus!

Thanks a ton for your support and all the coding work you're doing.

#1 Bought the Invictus pack yesterday. Played 4 mtt's so far including DD . Net profit over 40 $. Cmonanza i can say only . Hope it keeps coming that way.
#2 Finished in the DD a couple of days ago top 50 . Great play, it rocks when it is big stacked . Till now always ITM in DD. Also very good results at 90 man 1.10 $.

#1 I had 3 final tables in MTTs with largefield2 within the last four days. hehe yes im on a mtt heater I think the largefield2 is doing very well now.
#2 1st place in a MTT ... thx cmon
also enough ITM's recently.

I just can say thank you a lot for this certified post and the help of Zulu.

But I must say at least by my own that I`ve never needed a proof like that as I am your customer and your package is Awesome by any way! I believe in your work as I believe in your upgrades! I am happy using Invictus since I bought it!

For the first time today i saw the profile play with a big stack (i.e. super loose).
All i can say is wow, it just kept picking up uncontested pot.

WOW A TOP 10 RESULT IN DAILY DOLLAR THIS WEEK. This in just a sick profile

Invictus really rocks...it really work for me...i ve tested almost all profiles and it really plays smart and profitably....

Personally I'd had great success with these profiles. Keep up the great work C'Mon.

I made more than $3000 playing comon's profiles within the last 6 month.

Mimic This is one of the best package deals I have seen!!! thumbsup.gif

Thank you very much to all my customers.



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-INVICTUS- MTT 6 gears. The only certificate winner Empty freeroll profile

Post  DavidJLind on Fri Mar 15, 2013 2:52 pm

i took your freeroll profile and refined it using LAT analyzer;
now it plays better; tested on poker770;
Invictus Donkey Aggressive for Freerolls
mediafire.com view/?bcy2p8h2yo0wqhr


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