Jackal MTT/SNGMTT/SNG Profile Package - Over $1,000 won in MTTs - Best Deal! $99

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Jackal MTT/SNGMTT/SNG Profile Package - Over $1,000 won in MTTs - Best Deal! $99

Post  Cosmo27 on Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:42 am

The Jackal package has the best tournament profiles on the market that have been proven winners over thousands of tournaments. The regular forum has tons of graphs, results, and information on these profiles. I will be putting all that up soon but until then if you have any questions or doubts i will be happy to email you graphs and more info on the profiles. My email address is JackalMTT@gmail.com. The link to buy the package is below. You will get three profiles in this package: JackalMTT, JackalSNGMTT, and JackalSNG.



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Jackal is King

Post  NisiLith on Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:26 am

From what i've heard, Jackal performs very good! I second this call!


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I have had success with the profiles!

Post  greenpoker44 on Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:49 am

MTT profile: I have gotten deep into mtt's with the mtt profile, final tables and cashed a few times, unassisted. Other times I would take over when deep in an mtt and was able to cash. One thing I would note: Don't expect miracles every MTT. I don't think any profile is going to be a miracle "card dead" winner profile! There are MTT's where you are going to be card dead for a long time, and that is just bad luck that you cannot always overcome, IMHO. Obviously, you want an MTT profile that at least plays the good hands correctly and tries & steal blinds on occasion, etc. Even if you are a top player, I doubt you can bluff your way through the entire tournament without your bluff getting called. So, understand that the profile basically will play good hands well/correctly, and won't make bonehead plays, hopefully so that you can get deep into the tournament and take over. Now, if I'm sleeping, then I just hope the bot goes as far as possible!

sngmtt profile: I played a small qualifier (about 27 players) for a $5000 MTT and won an entry, unassisted.

SNG profile: I have not used this as often, but did take a 1st in one of my last 4 SNG's.


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Re: Jackal MTT/SNGMTT/SNG Profile Package - Over $1,000 won in MTTs - Best Deal! $99

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