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4 Site Combo MTT and Bot Loader for Ultimate Bet / Site X / Red Star / Bodog (Carbon coming soon!!)

The First MTT Loader, Scheduler, and Auto Registration System on the Market


or Purchase Here:  

[u]$15/ month    $75/ 6 months   $120/ year (Works out to $10/month)]

For details, or to see a demo video visit our website at: http://www.scripts4he.com



  • For the following sites - Bodog, UB, Red Star, and Site X (Carbon coming soon!!)

  • Compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  • Compatible with Virtual Machines
  • Plays all types of mtts (rebuy, addon, turbos, superturbos, double up, 500 chips, ultra turbo, steps, ko, heads up, satellite, double stack, shootouts, freeze outs, etc..)
  • Multi Stakes - Can play more than 1 stake at a time
  • You can use a different profile for each different type of MTT - not limited to just 1 profile
  • Plays All Limits FL, PL, NL
  • Plays Holdem
  • Plays up to 6 bots (6 mtts) at a time ***SHANKY ONLY RECOMMENDS PLAYING 1 MTT AT A TIME
  • Integrated Scheduler - allows you to add as many session you want for any number of days each week.
  • Supports ppl and txt profiles
  • Includes an integrated drag and drop feature which sets the table positions in a matter of seconds  
  • Floating license system (run your hopper on your PC, laptop when travelling, another PC when you replace your PC, or VM. No need to keep requesting new keys)
  • Integrated renaming and saving of logs (Renames all logs to Table Name and Date, Hour, Minutes of tourney)
  • Check for Updates button allows you to get the latest with the click of a button

[b]Advanced Security - Secure your botting and hopping experience, and protect your Bankroll

  • Auto hides loader after start to increase security
  • Dll core, not script base
  • Heavy level encryption
  • Specially created hotkeys to be able to interact with the hopper while hidden
  • Hides all bots from detection
  • Uses random human-like mouse clicks and mouse movements
  • Can rename both the exe and the dll of the hopper

Visit our website for more details at: http://www.scripts4he.com

For Poker Site Z Hydra Hoppers click this link: http://bonusbots.com/support/index.php/topic,344.0.html
For Site X Hydra Hoppers click this link: http://bonusbots.com/support/index.php/topic,11.0.html
For Ultimate Bet Hydra Hoppers click this link: http://bonusbots.com/support/index.php/topic,103.0.html
For Bet N Go Hoppers click this link: http://bonusbots.com/support/index.php/topic,9.0.html
For Bodog Hydra Hoppers click this link: http://bonusbots.com/support/index.php/topic,10.0.html


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