"FireStorm" Advanced Cash Game Profile

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"FireStorm" Advanced Cash Game Profile

Post  Phenom on Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:06 am

"FireStorm" Is The Most Advanced Cash Game Profile on the Market Place... The profile includes a Short Stack Strategy (More In Depth Than A Simple 20 Big Blind Strategy), a 100 Big Blind Strategy, and also a Deep Stack Strategy all included in 1 profile..

This profile is by far the most advanced and complex profile on the MP. All future updates and support are included in the price of this profile!

This is your chance to own "FireStorm" at a bargain of what the profile is actually worth.. As new levels are being tested and completed, Price will increase over time...

Below are graphs provided by testers

Bodog Mix Of 5NL & 10NL

BNG Mix Of 2NL & 4NL

Paypal Payment Option --- $239.00

Flex E-Payment Option --- $239.00


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